Overview of Mobile Cads

mobile coupon

Plastic Cards have been over used in the past. People struggle to manage the increasing number of plastic cards they receive from companies or organizations. Carrying so many cards with you all the time is very difficult and most of the times people choose to only carry the most essentials cards for everyday use such as debit and credit cards. Less importand cards like loyalty or club cards normally stay at home.

The increasing penetration of smart phones and the availability of mobile Internet almost everywhere, allows now allows companies to replace plastic cards with new electronic mobile cards which are instantly delivered using sms, multimedia messages or emails and are stored directly at the recipients mobile phone!

Take advantage of this new exciting opportunity and stand out from the competition using this mobile marketing tool that will engage your customers and at the same time save you time and money.

The future is mobile and it is here!

Mobile Cards can be used to replace:

  • Plastic Loyalty Cards
  • Plastic Member Cards (gym, dvd club)
  • Paper Tickets
  • Wedding or Party Invitations
  • Visit Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Paper Coupons
  • Access Cards

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